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Dry Freight Boxes

Containers for the transport, storage, and packaging of dry cargo. Available new or used in various standard dimensions, for uniform transport.


Containers for the transport and storage of perishable cargo that require a controlled temperature. With incomparable rigor, they produce temperatures from + 25º to -25º. Available in sizes 20 ’and 40’.


Based on standard containers, we make changes according to the specific needs of each customer.

Modular Containers

Of suitable construction for temporary accommodation, the prefabricated modules are versatile equipment that allows a quick installation on-site, providing good conditions of comfort to its users.

ISO Tanks

Designed for the transport and packaging of dangerous and non-hazardous products, in liquid, solid and gas. In its universe there are several types, from those intended for use with food products, combustible liquids, combustible gases, non-edible oils, acids, cryogenic liquids, etc.

Open Top

The loads exclusively handled by vertical lifting, also take place inside containers. When consolidation is not possible through doors, the use of Open Top containers with removable roofs is the solution. Available in sizes 20’and 40’.


For oversized and indivisible loads, as examples: heavy machinery, boats, metal spools, wooden logs, etc. Available with and without a folding headboard and in 20 ’and 40’ measures.